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Tel. 020 8445 3854


Miss Prendergast teaches 1J with Mrs Peters. Miss Utrilla-Fornals teach 1A with Mrs Logue.


In Year 1 we have some exciting topics to help us develop our literacy, numeracy and science skills. We follow the RE scheme written by Dr Margaret Carswell.


We are also focussing on handwriting and all children are encouraged to write in correctly formed lowercase letters. We are also focussing on correct number formation. Please download the number and letter formation sheets to assist your child.


Reading books will be changed once a week and your child will be read with once a week.  We aim to encourage a love of reading so please read and enjoy books with your child as much as you can! An easy way of doing this is to get them to read signs and instructions for you as well as getting them to help you cook by following recipes.