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Foundation Stage

The early years provide a foundation for much that follows.  A lot of what goes on in the Foundation Stage classrooms will look like play, but play and creative activities provide the means through which young children can express their thoughts and feelings and explore their world.


Through carefully constructed activities like weighing, measuring, listening, talking, singing, exploring and experimenting children will be learning all the time to express ideas, solve problems, get on with others and to make sense and order out of the world around them.  Many of these activities form the basis from which number (maths) and language (reading and writing) skills develop.


The school day is not usually divided up into set periods. Instead the curriculum is integrated which means that subjects are not time-tabled for regular slots each week but taken as and when teacher and class find it appropriate.  A class will often take a topic or theme and explore it in depth, which will involve bringing in knowledge from a variety of subject areas.


As well as developing reading, writing and maths skills, a week in the Foundation Stage classroom will include Religious Education, stories and poems, art and craft, talking and listening, topic work, music and physical education.


The classroom is usually an informal, though carefully structured place in which children will be working at their own pace, in a variety of groupings, engaged in a variety of activities – from learning games to reading and being read to, painting and making things.




Our aim is to develop the children's understanding of the way Catholics live their lives and what traditions and practices they follow. The children are prompted to consider ways in which a Christian family and parish share and celebrate life, and show care for one another. They experience and recognise that prayer is talking and listening to God and they take part in morning, lunch and afternoon prayers.


Personal, Social, Emotional Development


Your children will be encouraged to follow the rules and routines of the classroom, library and the playground. We will be using circle time and the ‘SEAL’ programme to learn how to work as part of a group, taking turns and sharing fairly. We will be encouraging the children to develop their independence by allowing them to select activities and resources of their choice.


Communication and Language/ Literacy


Our topic this term will mainly focus on the Arctic. We will be using a variety of non-fiction and fiction texts that relate to these topics, which will support children’s language and literacy development. From the Spring term your children will be taking part in show and tell, which will provide opportunities for the children to bring in objects that express their interests and hobbies. Your children would benefit from rehearsing what they would like to say at home so they are more confident when communicating with their peers. We will continue to follow the Ruth Miskin  "Read, Write, Inc." phonic programme to enhance the children’s reading and writing skills. We will be using a range of tactile activities to develop fine motor control and support the children’s handwriting skills, including kinaesthetic play dough disco activities.


Physical Development


The children will develop confidence in moving and expressing feelings through a wide variety of physical activities including dance, PE and outdoor play. Children will develop control and co-ordination and increase their awareness of space. Fine motor skills will be supported through cooking, malleable play, action songs and craft /investigative activities using small tools. Children will be encouraged to develop an understanding of safety issues and group co-operation, special awareness and appropriate use of equipment.




Mathematics is delivered through creative cross curricular activities, in free choice and adult directed tasks. We encourage the children to develop self-confidence and enjoyment in activities using numbers as labels, counting and calculating by providing them with these opportunities in every area of the classroom. They will focus on recognising and ordering numbers up to 20 through maths games. The children will be introduced to problem-solving techniques (estimating and predicting) and using mathematical ideas in real life contexts (using money and time). Children will be introduced to addition and subtraction, 2D and 3D shape and will be learning about concepts of weight and measures.


Understanding the World


This area of learning will be explored through our topics and will develop the children's investigative and observational skills. Construction, ICT and the exploration of a wide variety of materials represent some of our daily activities offered in Foundation Stage. Many of these activities will take place outside and give the children the opportunity to explore our school environment. Children will develop their senses through sand and water play and digging. We will be focusing on our own cultures and beliefs and those of others. We will be celebrating diversity through a variety of activities including dance, music and storytelling.


Expressive Arts and Design


We will be using plenty of drama and role-play to explore our topics. We will be creating imaginative small world and role-play areas to facilitate the learning through each topic which have already included ‘Sacred Supermarket’ and ‘Santa’s workshop’. The children will participate in creative music and movement sessions and experiment with a variety of musical instruments to explore and differentiate sounds. The children will have access to a variety of painting, collage, drawing, modelling and craft activities through which we will be exploring and using a variety of different malleable materials.


We know that working together we can create the very best learning experiences for your children so please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher anytime.

Thank you for your continued support.


The Foundation Stage Team